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After Being Highly successful in last editions as India’s Most Credible Voice in recognising rare talents & a transparent award nomination methodology led by a team of eminent Jury Members, India Affairs has initiated this year in 2014 to introduce awards in line with our thought process, indias. Indian Affairs Indian of the Year 2014 Award Nominations are a set of six top awards in the public voting category in Sports, Business, Cinema, Healthcare,Politics & Public Services.

The Making of Leadership Experiance

India is changing paving the way for a new India, The Country which has a billion plus population are beginning to change their mindset as they feel suffocated with the present set up. Indian Affairs, Network 7 Media Group’s news magazine in an extensive with the tier 1 & tier 2 cities & the rising Indian middle class spotted their apathy, frustration & disappointment with the present administration. Over the last 7 years, India is discredited & lost its balance. Indian Administrators are clueless what they should do as they are too busy in petty politics & daily TV opera which bring out startling stories of how our rulers are looting the country. India is governed by some of the finest laws with widespread ramifications, but as india is evolving, the founding fathers of the constitution perhaps did not realize that Indian Rulers can be so arrogant & greedy that even laws & scriptures cant make any difference.

Indian Affairs, Asia’s biggest news title has been relentlessly pursuing the need for a change in approach as the old order is beginning to crumple & political compulsions have dominated economic growth. We have no options, but to leave with its reality. Over the last few years, Indian Affairs & Breakfastnews has been at the centre of debating the uneasy questions & posing uncomfortable questions as Network 7 Media Group refuses to compromise on journalism ethics & principles of propriety. Indian Affairs has exposed the real villions of Indian polity who try to subvert the system for their personal gains.

  • Actress Rani Mukerjee with Satya Brahma at ILC Power Brand.

Indian Affairs feel that India must balance competing interests such as the rights of the poor and the need for land to set up industries to help boost its economy and what the government needs to do to boost economic expansion and keep its widening budget and current-account deficits in.


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MP Sanjay Nirupam at ILC Power Brand Plattform

ILC Awards Honours An Individual /Corporate Who Is Seen As A Trusted Guide, Influential Mentor And A Strategic Executive, Instrumental In The Successful Turnaround Of Her Company. She Must Have Played A Pivotal Role In The Company’s Success, Adding To A Career Of Extraordinary Performance And Exceptional Results. These Awards Recognise An Exceptional Leader Who Has Played An Important Role In Her Specific Sector Development, On Various Levels. The Individual Should Have Demonstrated Initiative While Serving Consumer Needs, Implemented Innovative Strategies In Order To Improve Performance, And Contributed To The Growth Of The Community And Environment, As Well As The Region.

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India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards organized by Network7 Media Group’s Indian Affairs is Asia’s most eagerly awaited leadership event where the platform has established a credible platform of serious discussion where Brand India’s most illustrious Leaders & icons assemble to discuss the roadmap for India’s growth trajectory. The last Four Annual Affairs at the India Leadership Conclave Platform, we have witnessed some of the biggest think-tanks of the contemporary leaders in society from social to political & from business to cultural has addressed, deliberated & opened up the new mantras of developments.

Rajeev Kapoor, Fiat MD at ILC Power Brand

Post the watershed & historic elections in India where India gave a clear & decisive mandate to the BJP led NDA formation since 1984, the political & economic leadership in India is set to go for a big change as the new government at center is expected to roll out plethora of opportunities & no nonsense approach in policy reforms. While India is awaiting to reinvent itself as a major player in the world, Indian Affairs, the flagship media outfit of Network 7 Media Group, Asia’s most analytical news media is set to debate on a most relevant theme “Progress or Perish” at the historic 5th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2014.

Anand Desai, Chief DSK Legal at ILC Power Brand

. “At a time when India is experiencing an unexpected political, special & cultural challenges post-independence, 67 years has passed, yet india at the strike of midnight on August 14, 1947 India began its experiment of democracy against all odds, the present regime in political & economic leadership is on test as india is beginning to experiment its model, structure & fabrics” says Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Network 7 Media Group who also chairs the organizing committee of the 5th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2014. The Nation today stands divided on which way the political leadership is going & where there are far more bigger issues to address like FDI, Economic Reforms, Poverty, Unemployment, Basic Healthcare, Inflation, Ironically politically parties are busy scoring on trivial & personal animosity in the run up to 2014 General Election, Irrespective of which formation india will choose, the message is loud & clear, that the incoming leadership at the entre will have to find a comprehensive policy reforms to boost staggering indian economy, therefore the theme at the conclave is aptly titled as “Progress or Perish” , Said Satya Brahma while announcing the 5th edition of India Leadership Conclave.